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Terms and Conditions

I, Heather May Williams (Munchkinmay) hold the copyright to my artwork, even after you have purchased it. This means that you are NOT permitted to reproduce my artwork for commercial use. It may not be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed for commercial benefit without my prior written permission. 

Please be aware that I may share your custom artwork online and use your custom image for commercial use (to sell as prints etc) unless you state that you don't want me to during the commission process. 

You are permitted to reproduce custom artwork that you have purchased from me for personal use ONLY. Some examples of acceptable personal use of my custom artwork include - Printing your image onto canvas, a mug, t-shirt, key-ring for your own use. In fact, I'd love to see how you use your custom images!

Please keep in mind that I (Heather) am the only person behind Munchkinmay, I am the creator of all of the artwork on this website. There is no team to manage social media, e-mails and so on, so please don't expect lightning fast responses. I'll be here, plodding along as quickly as I can to get everything done!

Thank you 

Last updated - May 2022

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