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Heather May Williams

I'm a mixed media artist, illustrator and all-round enthusiastic creator living in Wales, UK. I specialize in watercolour, pencil, ink and digital painting medias but I also love experimenting with sculpture and 2D animation!

My main inspiration for my artwork comes from my love for wildlife, bugs, pets, fantasy and magic. By the age of 6 I was making detailed drawings of insects and flowers.

I have wonderful four pawed companions who keep me company while I'm working. They feature regularly in my artwork along with the wildlife that lives in my garden.

Why is my art name 'Munchkinmay' you ask? Well, It's something that my Mum used to call me when I was little, 'Munchkin' because I was small and 'May' from my middle name. I try to connect to my inner child while illustrating, it helps me to notice and delight in the little things that others might overlook.

I practice positivity whenever I can and enjoy sharing a smile with others! 



Books I've illustrated!

Bodhi The Pirate Dog and the Great Pile of Litter
Sally and the Spanish Dancer
Ivy and the Mole
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