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Your custom portrait will be mounted in a soft white mount so that it's ready for you to frame. It will be packed in a box for a safe journey. 

Cavapoo wip Aug 2018 close 4 wm.jpg

I will take work in progress photos of the portrait as I go along and send them to you so you can watch as your painting is created!

Taking a photograph of your pet can be a challenge! Camera shy cats, bouncing rabbits that won't stay still, selectively deaf dogs... Here's some tips to help you capture photographs that will be perfect for me to use as reference for my artwork...

  • Timing is key, you want your pet to be awake and attentive. 

  • Use something that your pet likes (Toy, treat...) to keep their interest in you. 

  • Try sticking the toy/treat to the top of your camera/phone.

  • Try getting down to your pets level for another perspective!

  • Ideally use natural daylight (Close to a window or outdoors) to get a nicely lit photo.

  • Have your camera ready, say your pets name or make a funny noise. Hopefully they'll look at you!

  • Be patient, it'll be worth it once you've caught the perfect photo!

This photograph is perfect for me to use as a reference for my artwork. It has good lighting so the colours are true, It's in focus, sharp and most importantly the eyes are clear and visible.

This is an example of a photograph that I couldn't work with. It's out of focus, dark so I can't see the details and the eyes aren't clear to see.

I'm happy to help you with choosing the right photograph before any payment is made. If you are unable to get a high quality photograph of your pet I can also use Photoshop to help improve a mediocre quality photograph. I have managed to work with these in the past due to the pet having passed away.

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